The Important Fireworks Shows held by Jinsheng group
Editor:JinSheng Fireworks      Nov 20,2007

1.September 10th 1996, Fireworks shows on the  Opening celebration of Xi an old history art in 1996.

2.August 1996, Celebration for the 205th anniversary celebration for American Hawaii Chinese Entering and Garrisoning.

3. January 1st,1997 The display show on the New Year's Celebration in golden coast?aTunmen Hong Kong

4.April 8th 1997 The Celebration for the complete of Hong Kong Green horse Bridge.

5.July 1sth, 1997 Fireworks show on the celebration of Hong Kong return.

6.In 1997 August 8th, our fireworks show on the anniversary of Changjiang cut off.

7.June 10th,1998 We held the fireworks show on the Opening Celebration of France World Cup Football Match.

8.October 1st 1998 Celebration in Hong Kong Victoria

9.May 19th 1999 Fireworks show on the firebrand Festival in Sichuang Xichang

10.August 30th,1999 Celebration for the Anniversary of Malaysia

11.August 31st, 1999 fireworks show on the 8th Anniversary of Kirghizstan national celebration.

12.September 29th, 1999 Fireworks show on the Fifty Anniversary of China in Zigong city Sichuang.

13.September 30th, 1999 Fireworks show on the Fifty Anniversary of China in mianyan city Sichuang.

14.0ctober 1sth,1999 Fireworks show on the Fifty Anniversary of China in capital city .

15.October 1st, 1999 fireworks display night party for the celebration of 50th China Anniversary in Chendu Sichuang.

16.December 20th,1999 Fireworks show on the return of Macao for 2,000,000Yuan

17.October 20th, 2000 The Opening Celebration of the First Gold Eagle Art festival.

18.October 4th, 2001 We won the champion on NO 13 Macao International Fireworks Competition.

19.October 20th, 2001 The Opening celebration of the fifth International Fireworks Festival

20.November 1st, 2001 The closure of the Gold Eagle Art festival.

21.September 6th, 2002 The fireworks show on the Tour Festival in Yajiang, Dandong ,Liaoning .

22.September 28th, 2002 Fireworks show on the sixth international foreign citizen of Chinese origin meeting in Nanjing.

23.2003 August, Fireworks show on the 13th international foreign citizen of Chinese origin meeting.

24.September 28th,2003 Fireworks display celebration for Shanghai tour festival .

25.October 2003 The China Anniversary Celebration in guilin Guangxi

26.2004 February 1st The stage fireworks display show in the world window of Changsha.

27.February 5th, 2004 Celebration for the 30 Anniversary of Henan Xingfei Electrical Factory.

28.March 8th,2004 The celebration for the Changan star in Chongqing come into the market of Guang xi

29.June 23rd,2004 The celebration of the Baying Guoleng Mengu self-governing state?s  50th Anniversary in Xinjiang self-governing.


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