UK:Thieves Grab Confiscated Fireworks
Editor:JinSheng Fireworks      Nov 20,2007

ALMOST three tons of unlicensed fireworks found by customs officers have been stolen from a South Yorkshire warehouse.

Routine checks led to the discovery of the fireworks on Monday night in a secured container at a storage site in Calton, Barnsley, along with 150,000 illegal cigarettes.

The fireworks were handed over to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, but staff could not transfer them until yesterday (on December 4) because special transportation had to be arranged.

In the meantime, the container was broken into and they were stolen.

John Kinghorn, head of detection for HM Revenue and Customs, said anyone who was offered fireworks by an unlicensed dealer should immediately contact them or the police.

"These containers are not the proper environment for live explosives, especially when stored alongside more than 7,000 individual boxes of cigarettes," he said.

"A small spark or flame near the container could have caused an extremely serious explosion and resulting fire."

He said it was a classic example of organised criminal activity ĘC gangs who would flout the law to make a profit.

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